Family Intervention

There are no hidden costs.
Our prices for alcohol interventions, heroin interventions and all other substance abuse interventions are as low as you'll get for a full formal intervention that is professionally managed. The full formal intervention includes all meetings, preparation, handouts, daily access to interventionist, presentation of treatment options, the intervention and follow-up. Any required travel costs including flight and/or hotel is additional.

Executive Intervention

Executive interventions are slightly more complex.
Executive interventions require more pre-intervention meetings and phone calls. All pertinent details must be considered and all disagreements resolved. The pre-intervention discussions are often with different groups and individuals; ie. legal, human resources, upper management and potentially family members. If airfare (economy) or hotel is required, the company will be billed for the exact amount and provided receipts. There is no charge for meals. There are no hidden costs. The price will be agreed upon prior to any initial face-to-face meetings. If you research the fees typically charged for executive interventions, you will see that our fees are extremely competitive. We are fully insured ($2-$4 million).

accompanied treatment

Optionally, you can choose for the professional interventionist to accompany the individual to treatment. This is an additional charge based on distance and time involved.


Pay by cash, PayPal, money order, certified check or check that clears before intervention. Health insurance will usually cover some or all of the treatment costs but does not usually cover interventions. If you have genuine financial issues, let me know and we'll work something out. We do not refuse help to anyone due to financial reasons.