Interventionist in Bucks County

Professional Interventionist in Philadelphia
I am a certified drugs and alcohol interventionist.
How to do an intervention.

Interventions are when family, friends or co-workers attempt to convince someone to get treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse. Drug intervention programs are available but require someone like you to take the first step.

I know from personal experience that denial is a symptom of the disease itself. Therefore it's often difficult to get the loved one to accept help. Help for alcoholics and drug addiction starts with your decision to learn how to stage an intervention. I prepare your team for the intervention and help when needed at the actual intervention. Thorough preparation is the key to a successful intervention!

I am in successful recovery from alcoholism. A few years after I got sober, I decided I wanted to work in the recovery field. Prior to this I taught high school English in Bucks County, Pa. I spent many thousands of hours completing the necessary training and gaining the required experience in this new occupation. I have received my certifications in the recovery field from the highly respected Pennsylvania Certifications Board.

I live in Newtown (Bucks County), Pennsylvania. I am happily married and have two wonderful adult daughters and sons-in-law. I have one precious granddaughter and a handsome grandson. And let's not forget our dog Charlie.

Why choose us

  • 1.
    We wish we could guarantee that your loved one will definitely enter treatment. We can't. However, if we get her to the intervention, the odds are very good that she'll get help. Trust the process.
  • 2.
    family emphasis
    Our commitment is to the substance user and his family and close friends. Everyone's life matters. Everyone should have a chance to be happy. We know addiction affects more than the user and we want everyone to get healthy.
  • 3.
    reasonable fees
    Compare our prices to other professional service providers. You know our fee up front and there are no hidden charges.
  • 4.
    first-hand knowledge
    I'm familiar with addiction as a vigorous participant and as a person in recovery now working in the field. My book knowledge and college degrees are needed, but my personal awareness does provide a valuable point of view.
  • 5.
    diverse methods
    I am trained in the modified Johnson Method. This approach emphasizes a "care-frontation" philosophy. I also conduct interventions based on invitational modalities.

Successful outcomes

Family Intervention Help family back together
This family is happily reunited.
Drug Intervention Programs enjoying retirement
Staying active, engaged and aware is important as we age.
Help for Alcoholics natural highs
Replace chemically induced highs for ones created naturally.
Help for Drug Addiction start a new life
The painful years are long gone.