You may be saving a life.
An intervention can be the difference between a chance at a happy life or the certainty of an unhappy life. Millions, yes millions, of people have gotten clean and sober and escaped the grasp of active addiction. It's not easy but it certainly can be done. Professional help is often necessary to be successful.

Gerald Kearney interventionist

long-term recovery patient
I understand how crucial it is for intervention services to be successful. We will handle it with the gravity and thoroughness that it deserves.
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family interventions

thorough preparation is the key
Family interventions are passionate events. Focus on the goal must be maintained and not lost due to impulsive outbursts.
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executive interventions

help your co-worker
Drug and alcohol abuse is everywhere in our society, including some corporate board rooms. Don't put off helping a colleague who is battling with alcoholism or drug dependency.
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affordable fee

compare us to other service providers
It may turn out to be the best investment you'll ever make!
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